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July 06, 2017


In March'17, we met one of our relatives who were in search for their dream home. Few years back with the same purpose they invested their life long savings and bought a 3 BHK flat in Greater Faridabad. When it was completed, the sizes of all the rooms were decreased by 2-3 ft due to some land issues, which made the rooms much smaller and also inhabitable for them. It had to be left unoccupied just like most apartments in the locality. We went and understood the situation and their requirements, the challenge was transforming this house with numerous fallacies to a comfortable and inviting home. We took 2 weeks and drafted a detailed plan and model for the 3 bedrooms, kitchen and a balcony addressing their problems and requirements. The family got some hope but were not fully convinced with the possibilities. It was difficult for them to trust us, but they eventually did and we were allowed to start the project with a budget of INR 6 Lakhs.
Kitchen: 6ft x 10ft, L Shaped
Problems: Little workable slab length; Insufficient storage space
Solutions: Broaden the Kitchen entrance by cutting the unnecessary wall and adding an 8ft slab creating a U shape kitchen.

With the help of an innovative design concept by using an overall light color theme, comfortable and uniform lighting, elegant forms and shapes, semi glossy textures, we created a space which gave a perception as if one side wall has been shifted away by two feet. Every little corner of the kitchen was optimized and organised in a way which was intuitive, convenient for the user. Result was an overall simple and elegant looking kitchen with ample work space and sufficient storage space. 

Bedrooms: 10ft x 11ft (additional almirah corner of 2ft x 1.5ft)
Problems: Small overall room volume; Almost no space for wardrobe
Solutions: We investigated and researched on the human behavior and usage of space, marked these areas and designed an inverted U almirah using the side and above space of the bed. This was done in a way it creates ample of convenient storage space inside as well as creates another dimension to the outside and adds to the beauty and interest of the bedroom.
A corner space for the wardrobe was taken as a part of the inverted U shaped almirah to create an innovative corner almirah which gave huge storage space for keeping all the essentials of the room owner.

Balcony: 5ft x 18ft 
Family requirement was to use this ample space by covering it and making it a room or part of the existing room(s).
Problem: Balcony is essential for keeping a good contact with mother nature. It also creates cross ventilation in the house and allows natural light to pass into the connected rooms.
Solution: We covered the balcony completely with the combination of sliding glass, mesh doors and blinds which completely isolated the balcony from external environment and thus could be used for multi purposes, without compromising on the natural light and the cross ventilation.
Beautification was the easier part and was done keeping in mind their personal preferences and characters. 
The day family moved in, they found their home.
Happy Living :)